Alberta Fair Practices OfficeAlberta Fair Practices Office

Can We Help You?

Our fairness review services are available to

  • workers covered by the WCB (or their dependents)
  • all employers covered by the WCB .

We can only review processes that were used by the WCB, Appeals Commission or Medical Panels Office. If your concern is about another organization, you can contact the Alberta Ombudsman

Asking us for a fairness review does not affect your rights to contact other offices that may be able to help you (such as the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner or the Alberta Human Rights Commission).

There are times we will refuse to do a fairness review. This can happen if:

  • you were aware of the matter for more than 24 months before contacting us; or
  • we determine the concern is frivolous, vexatious or without merit.